Merry Christmas from La Rioja, Spain

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people who live in my phone/computer. This is my 3rd Christmas with Saenz family in La Rioja, Spain. The hospitality, food and all the love is so beautiful. La Rioja is a province in northern Spain with a renowned local wine industry. I sincerely hope you're doing fantastic. Enjoy the holiday season. 🎄

India with DJI Mavic Air Drone in 4K (Palghar, Kelva and Maswan) I spent 2 days traveling across the Kelva Beach, Palghar and the Maswan village in Maharashtra, India just to test my new DJI Mavic Air. This time of the year these locations look very dry, but in monsoon it exactly opposite, it's lush green and the dam is always overflowing, the river even floods sometimes. I got the Drone in London just ...

A beautiful vintage AirBnb home experience in Florence Italy

Every time I travel I do try and find beautiful and unique homes to live in because I love the extra dimension it adds to your travel experience. While Airbnb has come to be known as the low-key, economical way to travel, it also boasts some seriously incredible, one-of-a-kind accommodations. This beautifully appointed apartment in the middle of historical Florence just a ...

Musical Friday: Miike Snow – Genghis Khan

Miike Snow in this song is comparing himself to Genghis Khan who united the Mongol tribes and conquered all of China, and was known to have many women in his life. Miike implies that he becomes irrationally, even violently jealous thinking of his lover sleeping with other people. Its a good song for all the Jealous men out there.   I know there's no form And ...

Taj Mahal ‘Poem in Stone’

Taj Mahal 'Poem in Stone The Taj Mahal!!! It is located in Agra, a city about 3 hours south of Delhi I, Willem and Ean had amazing time. It was my 1st time to the Taj Mahal so I was exited. I always wanted to go to Taj Mahal. It’s really.. really… really beautiful. The Taj is bigger than words. It demands to ...

Shooting in Goa: panjim inn

I have been busy shooting in goa. Its 20 min short film called panjim inn. Panjim Inn is a Heritage hotel in panji Its 1 of the most beautiful town I have seen, it looks very European, every road and Buildings has history. shooting on Location was difficult than I thought. I am doing continuity and special effect part of the film, and its a ...

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I am a Producer, Editor and Director, based in London.
Originating from a design background, I had the opportunity to explore a wide range of disciplines such as motion graphics, design, photography and editing.
These influences have all found their way into sculpting a portfolio of work that portrays a cinematic style. Since 2006 I have provided skills to a number of clients, such as NIKE, L’Oréal Paris, Google, UNICEF, BAFTA, Warner Music, Unilever, Stella McCartney, Paul Smith, Vertu Phones and Tata Sky.
This website is my portfolio, showcasing my work in several disciplines. I also like to ramble under my blog about things in my life.

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