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"We all have different stories and paths in life. We have a lot of information via Internet, books and Media but lets keep in mind that most of this is still just opinion, and often biased. Everything Is Subjective. (even this)"

Longboard skateboarding / Adan Alarcon / Omen Longboards

Fun Longboard video I made with Adan Alarcon and in Palma de Mallorca, Spain.

Crystalline: Bikini Fashion Film

amazing Beach Wear Fashion Shoot we produced for model Tunde Martha at Brighton Beach.
Model : Tunde Martha
Photographer : Abhishek Khorgade
Video : Parag Sankhe

Make up : Ponti
Stylist : Henna Parimoo
Assistant Photographer : Digpal Singh

Production Company: Square Elephant Productions

Location: Brighton

Installing Windows 8 with USB Flash drive on Macbook Air

Windows 8 Developer Preview running on my Apple Macbook air

This video by pkerry12 will show you how to install windows 7 via bootcamp on you macbook air with just USB flash drive. To install Windows 8  follow the exact same processes. Just replace Windows 7 ISO to Windows 8 ISO image.



Windows 8 Release Preview ISO images

Windows 7 USB download utility link…

rEFIt link for mac





London Indian Film Festival 2012 ident

An Ident created in Adobe After Effects CS5.5 for the The third annual London Indian Film Festival which will  run from 20 June – 3 July12  The Music is  from track  The Alkhemist”  by TJ Rehmi


DIRECTOR: Parag Sankhe PRODUCER: Debora Setnik
The Rooster Must Die is a gripping and funny short film that tells the story of a classic clash between traditional rural life and those who wish for a quieter and more suburban existence.

Inspired by the dramatic tousles between man and nature that characterised the iconic 1975 feature film Jaws, The Rooster Must Die focuses on what happens when a group of angry villagers join together to try and impose rule on a Rooster that is causing them all great distress.

When the village chairman comes under increasing pressure to find a solution he turns to Jack, a local hard man, who is very confident that he will have no problems in handling the irritating Cock.

Jack, however, soon learns that his enemy is considerably more cunning than the average chicken and when their plans for a quiet life go horribly wrong the villagers discover that an angry Rooster can wreak just as much havoc as a hungry shark.

Director Of Photography: YURI KRYLOV
Background Score: PHILIP APPLEBY

JACK: Laurence Pears
CHAIRMAN: Marcus Taylor
ELLEN: Denise Rocard
MARY: Lena Sandberg
HARRY: Marc Forde
DAVID: Jeffrey Mayhew

The making of ‘Rooster Must Die’

The making of ‘Rooster’
Parag Sanke (Director) interview

Where did you find the script?

I’d always worked on factual projects and documentaries but was keen to try and produce a short fictional film so I placed an ad online and was sent a lot of scripts from all over the world. I was almost overwhelmed by how many appeared in my inbox but Kent’s The Rooster Must Die caught my eye because I thought that it was a very funny and quirky story and it was inspired by Jaws, which was my favorite film when I was a child. It was also a very good introduction to drama for me as I had to think about how to direct eight actors, a song and a rooster!

How did you make the film?

We only had a very small budget that came from self-funding and some investment from friends and everyone who worked on the film generously gave their time for free so that we could afford to provide good quality equipment and try and produce something that reflected the passion that everyone felt for the project. Deborah was the executive producer and we placed another advert online for cast and crew and were extremely happy with the team that we assembled and with what we were able to achieve with one DSLR camera.

Did you use a real rooster?

Yes, and one of the toughest things was getting hold of one! We contacted many farms but although almost everyone was willing to kindly let us have a rooster for free none of them wanted it back after filming. We didn’t think that our neighbours in central London would be very happy to be woken every morning by a crowing cockerel and couldn’t bring ourselves to wring the neck of a key cast member at the end of filming so were very relieved when a farm in Essex offered to lend us one for the day.

Why do you think that Rooster Must Die will appeal to audiences?

There are some films, such as Jaws, which are almost untouchable because they are so iconic but I hope that by taking the essence of one of the key scenes from that movie and transporting it to a small English town we have collectively come up with a funny and surprising short film that the audiences will enjoy.

Is there a message in the film?

Well you could say that it is a metaphor for the never ending battle between man and nature – or you could say that you should never count your chickens, or your roosters, before they hatch!


Film Poster:

Creative Team

Directed by Parag Sankhe
Written by Kent Flaagan
Produced by Debora Setnik
Executive Producer: Simon Cousin
Director of Photography: Yuri Krylov
Background Score: Philip Appleby


Jack:  Laurence Pears
Chairman:  Marcus Taylor
Ellen:  Denise Rocard
Mary: Lena Sandberg
Harry: Marc Forde
David: Jeffrey Mayhew
Man: Iain Clark
Woman: Caroline Leach


1st Ad: Michael Cheung, Nadia Hammoud
Camera Operator/Steadicam: Stefan Yap
1st Camera Assistant: Annemarie Van Basten
2nd Camera Assistant: Camil Liberto
Sound Mixer: Simon Gill
Boom Operator: Tom Collingwood
Production Assistant: Fernando Luan
Continuity: Nadia Hammoud
Script Supervisor: Sara Galvao
Make Up: Thomas Montague
Make Up Assistant: Cher Paris
Stylist: Sylvain Agathine
Runner: Subodh Rao
Editor: Michael Cheung
Colourist: Parag Sankhe
Sound Designer: Catherine Mcgrath
Animation: Andre Lucato

Special thanks to

Ewan Parry (Talanas) Death Metal Rooster Track (End Credits)
David King and St. Gabriel’s Halls;
Valerie Ayries
David Griffiths
Iain Bagnall
Beyond Retro: Vintage Clothing
Barry Bassett and VMI
Essex Insurance Brokers
London Film Academy




























Parag Sankhe 2011 showreel

A collection of some of my work  as  director, producer, editor, videographer, visual effects artist, motion graphics designer and photographer.

watch it on vimeo HD:

what it on youtube HD

11.11.11 it’s My Birthday! Woo Hoo!

I’ve thought so many times over the last year about this particular blog post. About what I’d say and how I’d feel And it would be very emotional, but I don’t feel any different: P
I usually have a party for my birthday, but decided to stay with family this year since I’ve just come to India, and dad will go under surgery next week, and I am busy with work up to the neck. (Things you have to do when your older :P)
So far I had a long working day, few sweet surprises and lots of wishes and now off to have a meal with family.
I do want to wish the most important element of my life which is the people who I’ve known and loved and been loved by.
So thank you to all of you who have got me to where I am today. I couldn’t have done it without you – I wouldn’t want to have done it without you – and I am so excited about all the years we have to share together in the future.

Also I normally never buy a Lottery but in Spain last month every one insisted me to buy the 11.11.11 big draw lottery so I did 😛
so if I win, it will make me even more popular then Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s  soon to be-born Baby B on 11.11.11 😛
Love you all 🙂

My Old Showreel 2008

Camera , Editing, Motion Graphics and 3D modelling and animation

watch it on vimeo HD:

what it on youtube HD