Axe your Ex TV Reality Show on Channel V! India is Shameful and Disgusting.

I watched one of the episodes of ‘Axe your Ex‘ on Channel V not knowing what to expect but it’s dreadful to have this trash on TV.
This Show glorifies losers, who can’t even digest a break up. And take revenge on their Ex by humiliating them with hidden cameras, in some cases even kidnapping their Ex by slipping a black cloth around their head and asking them to do embarrassing things at gun point. I think this show goes too far. As a film maker myself I know for the fact that this reality show is a 100% scripted and everyone in it are acting. But what gets me angry is that the show doesn’t send the most positive or even remotely entertaining message to viewers.
I Live in England and currently in Mumbai for 3 weeks and every time I watch Indian television, It makes me very very angry that Media in India is on absolutely wrong path. Majority section of the Indian media is full of unethical and cheap guys with no moral values. Especially the news media which I find Immature, cheap, ill informed. Till date I can’t believe that I saw a 30 min interview with women in a village who turns in to a snake ones a while. Oh and how can one forget the braking news of the REAL footage of Aliens abducting Indian cows?

The problem with Indian television is that there is no censor board for Indian television and that’s why such a sleaze like Channel V’s Axe your Ex on goes unchecked on television.
Right of expression does not mean to poke your (media) nose in private affairs, it is most disgusting part of liberalisation.

All I can say is that this show is horrendous garbage! And channel V! Should be ashamed for allowing this to air.


  1. Even though i havent had the pleasure of seeing this channel ,i will no doubt again next week i agree Indian tv programmes are open ended and very wide but thats due to know control and everyone pretending they are good at,acting,writing,and to be able to say they are in the tv business.No one will say no to them as others can earn a bit of money from it ,they either have to cut down on channels or be serious on what is televised as India is amazing in certain categories but unfortunately let themselves down in others let hope that the people read and take note ,otherwise people will move away from watching Indian tv/soaps and Indian people shall loose out in the end

    1. I agree there are
      6 national English News Channels
      20 national Hindi News Channels
      7 Business News Channels
      41 Regional News Channels
      1 Bollywood News channel
      And none of them are any good Except CNNIBN English news channel i think Gov needs to cutdown some of the news channels.

  2. complete agreement

    I am not supportive of individuals who lure girls into a fake relationship, but this show makes an utter disaster of all moral values ever!

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