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Taj Mahal ‘Poem in Stone’

Taj Mahal 023
Taj Mahal ‘Poem in Stone

The Taj Mahal!!! It is located in Agra, a city about 3 hours south of Delhi
I, Willem and Ean had amazing time. It was my 1st time to the Taj Mahal so I was exited. I always wanted to go to Taj Mahal. It’s really.. really… really beautiful.
The Taj is bigger than words. It demands to be seen, and to speak for itself.
As per I remember reading , Shah Jahan ordered the right hand of the chief mason to be cut off so that the masterpiece could never be recreated.
But guide said it’s not a true story. do u know if it is true?

Shooting in Goa: panjim inn

I have been busy shooting in goa.
Its 20 min short film called panjim inn. Panjim Inn is a Heritage
hotel in panji
Its 1 of the most beautiful town I have seen, it looks very European, every road and Buildings has history.
shooting on Location was difficult than I thought.
I am doing continuity and special effect part of the film, and its a black and white film.
I hope u enjoy the pics.

Parag Goa Shoot 239a copy

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