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If you’ve just stumbled across this journal through another user or a community. I am sorry to say that this journal is friends-only due to repeated privacy issues. If you’d like to be added as a friend, Simply respond to this message and add me. I usually get around to updating my list every few weeks. Feel free to visit and join my community.

I do have have a few conditions.

1) If all you’re going to do is talk about suicide or how much you hate the world and how everyone should just “fuck off and leave you alone”, just keep going because I’m not interested in being friends.  My sympathy towards strangers has run dry.

2) I don’t comment often. It’s not that I don’t care, I just don’t respond to every singe entry on my list.

3) Don’t add me to bulk your friends list.

4) This isn’t a requirement as much as a request. Before adding me, please check out my intrests to see if we have just a few things in common. My intrests stay current as I become obsessed with intrested in  new things.     


  1. D’oh am alrdy ur friend
    u told em to join aish community..but u never added me to tht..
    hmm i knw u do post comments once in a while..
    lol..bulk friend..lol

  2. Hola

    I am currently in Sydney (traveling). Erm, don’t forget the wolllies. Nice weather. Great City!

          1. yes, I live and work here.Enjoy your trip to sydney!.Some spots in syd is definitely beautiful, reminds me too much of Mumbai though!:O.
            I’m adding you too.

  3. I added you as I liked the sense of fun in your Taj photos. I’ve studied film, here in LA, so we have a common interest. And dude I want to visit Tollywood HAHA 🙂 peace…

  4. Newbie!

    Hi! Your site has got content! Im a big fan of Aish and i would like to join this community, is there anything else i have to say? like email?im confused

    1. Re: Newbie!

      Thx but u need to join the live journal to join the Aishwarya Rai community.
      If you join the live journal you will also get your blog page.

    1. i know u krupa. actually i am fan of your photography.
      its very interesting the way you put emotions in your pics:)
      adding u

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