1. heee
          i have bean busy with school and stuff
          off to Spain today for x-mas and new year πŸ˜›
          we are driving tonight from London πŸ™‚

          1. Yeah, why not have Diwali everyday of the year? It’s such a beautiful tradition. I would like it very much if everyone everywhere would celebrate it the year around.

          2. diwali is fun coz it only comes 6-7 days in a year
            but if its every day then it wont be fun isn’t it?

          3. Don’t you think that on special days like diwali or christmas or which celebration ever, the people are closer to eachother than ever?

  1. hello! You left a message in my lj not too long ago about aish’s community, i did ret but I’m not sure if you have noticed it hehe, anyways I just didn’t want you to think I’m not interested. Let me know if you still need help πŸ˜€

  2. Nice Diwali Greeting

    Hey Dud, Really beautiful diwali greeting. In your greeting lord Ganesh photo is really nice and different from other ganesh photo. I like your diwali greeting most. As every one know that Diwali is a major festival and all Indians are celebrated this festival with great joy and hapiness. Doesn’t matter where they are living. NRI People who can’t reach india on this festival they send diwali gifts to india to their relatives and near and dear one. and also send email,ecards,greetings and keep diwali spirit alive.

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