Hooray I passed and finally got the monkey off my back

As some of you know, I was studying Digital filmmaking from SAE Bangalore And had lots of trouble with the college because of their BAD management.
But I’m pleased to say…I passed! And I got 81% now finally I can go ahead with my Master’s studies in the UK.
Out of 15 students, only three are passed, I don’t blame who did not clear as I blame the college management for the bad management in the school. And making these students lose their interest in this school.
I would not suggest anyone be Part of SAE BANGLORE it is the Worst thing that has happened to me (I lost three years of my life with them).
I only want to thank miss Rani, Ggeetha  Navale, reshma pritam singh and Thani Mudaliar without them I would have never got my result.


  1. Hurrah! Now you can sit back and make sure that the next school you go to is where you want to go.
    BTW…. send me your postal address. I fished out the UK scholarship guide and can mail it to you. it is slightly outdated but most of the scholarships should be made available even now.

    1. Hee yes I am being extra careful while choosing the next school
      For sure I will concern you before I make my decision 🙂
      Btw I have got copy of UK scholarship guide 2000 Edition from a friend.
      And I am going through that 🙂

  2. *claps hard and attempts to wolf-whistle but resigns because I’m pathetic at whistling, and so keeps on clapping!*

    Much love and best wishes on the achievement! It’s a true one, this achivements, against the odd you’ve mentioned. So revel in it. 😀

    1. ahah thx subi 🙂
      I suck at whistling too and that sometimes come as embarrassing
      coz most of the Girls I know can whistle
      Even my MOM can 🙁

  3. Congratualtions!

    We don’t know each other, but you came up on LJ’s “Read a Radnom Journal” and I saw that you gtaduated. Well done. No on to concquer graduate school eh? What are you studying?

    Anyway, just passin though and wanted to wish you well. :*

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