indians Caucasian ?

To My earlier post about Indians being Caucasian, I get a replay from
My sweetest uncle (its one of the things I do, make friends into family member) Dr. George van Driem aka Suresh uncle
Who is working on Himalayan Languages Project.
Here I share his mail 🙂

Dear Parag,

The labels are outdated. Caucasian is still used. Even I use it, but the term is meaningless. Caucasians are peoples of the Caucasus mountains. Indians are people with Indian passports.
Genetically some Indians are closer to Greeks, others to Chinese and others are quite distinct from either. So, even Indians is a so-called *grand falloon*, a set that really isn’t a set. Anyway, I am an Indian kyonki mera dil hai Hindustani.

Saprem namaskar,
Suresh uncle

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