Jb nagar Lan Dinner and Drive

Had a Small Jb Nagar LAN Dinner party At Sai Palace (Andheri) where we also met few Marol LAN gang (6 of them I think)
Then went for a Drive at Bandra. And came home back at 1 Am
It was quite fun actually, as we all met after really really long time?
Good friends are always fun
Thumb up for all good Friends
Happy Friendship day

Btw if you’re wondering what Lan is its  Local area network. We just became friends over internet provided by our Local area network thanks to the Ip Messanger. Its all about Gaming, Sharing movies and other valuable videos 😛

LAN Dinner 6 August 06 017

LAN Dinner 6 August 06 010
LAN Dinner 6 August 06 012
This is Mr. Ramie’s awesome car music system
I need to ask him exactly what it is called so I could write about it
LAN Dinner 6 August 06 005
Sandeep in one of his several moods

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