Motorway built around house in China

Elderly Chinese couple Luo Baogen and his wife refused to leave their flat, so the block could be knocked down to make way for a motorway – so local officials in Xiazhangyang village built the road around it.

Luos say the government offer of 260,000 yuan plus two small building sites was not enough to cover the several hundreds of thousands of yuan he had spent in renovating the building.

This The road leads to Wenling Railway Station, and it has yet to be opened. Once it does, they can expect a traffic driving day and night.

Even this sounds very strange for but this phenomenon is very common, and These structures are known as nail houses.
Apparently, Chinese householders who stand up to developers are known as “nails” – because they stick and are hard to get out. And Chinese law makes it illegal to demolish a property by force without an agreement, so the government left enough retaining walls to keep the structure standing. This allows the elderly couple to continue living there.



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