My birthday Wish list 2005

I’ve had a lot of people (okay… 2) ask me lately what they should give me for my upcoming birthday (Nov 11… in case the rest of you were wondering). Apparently I’m a difficult bastard to buy gifts for. Well panic no longer! I’ve compiled a list of stuff you can safely shop without worrying about offending me in anyway (like those people who have give me Parker Beta Ball pen in the past… please. Do I look like the kind of guy who use trashy Ball pen… you might as well send me a fruit basket)
please send me gifts be for 4 i don’t like to wait much.

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Armani – AR5826

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Armani Three Button Suit

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Sony DSC-F828

Image hosted by
Acer’s Ferrari laptop

Image hosted by

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BlackBerry 7100g

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Aishwarya Rai

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Trip to paris

Its soo easy u won’t get confused about what to gift, only 8 items. Now move ur ass fast u don’t have much time left.


  1. sweetie.. its a pity u dont watch my show! we have featured most of these items on it so u wudve got the knowledge on how and where to get these items from and for how much.. then u wouldnt have to ask anyone else!!! :P

    hopefully, when i can afford any of them, i shall gift you. till then, my wishes and have a great day. oh ya, ash is so not worth it. cmon. there are better women out there! stick to the elephant! MUCH much much better!

  2. HEY..yeah got in my mail n now this..haha
    ur wish list's too huge.....mann u want ASH..
    if YOU GIVE ME MY SRK I WILL SURE GET HER!! bout tht..
    truly:if i can i shuld've sent u smethng nice..none of

    • Only 8 things and u have to give me only 1 out of that
      It’s not huge at all
      And when u get ur SRK. Pls keep him with only u.
      Lock him in the room and ask him not to do any movies
      I am sorry I am being nasty now.

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