My birthday Wish list 2005

I’ve had a lot of people (okay… 2) ask me lately what they should give me for my upcoming birthday (Nov 11… in case the rest of you were wondering). Apparently I’m a difficult bastard to buy gifts for. Well panic no longer! I’ve compiled a list of stuff you can safely shop without worrying about offending me in anyway (like those people who have give me Parker Beta Ball pen in the past… please. Do I look like the kind of guy who use trashy Ball pen… you might as well send me a fruit basket)
please send me gifts be for 4 i don’t like to wait much.

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Armani – AR5826

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Armani Three Button Suit

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Sony DSC-F828

Image hosted by
Acer’s Ferrari laptop

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
BlackBerry 7100g

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Aishwarya Rai

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Trip to paris

Its soo easy u won’t get confused about what to gift, only 8 items. Now move ur ass fast u don’t have much time left.


  1. sweetie.. its a pity u dont watch my show! we have featured most of these items on it so u wudve got the knowledge on how and where to get these items from and for how much.. then u wouldnt have to ask anyone else!!! 😛

    hopefully, when i can afford any of them, i shall gift you. till then, my wishes and have a great day. oh ya, ash is so not worth it. cmon. there are better women out there! stick to the elephant! MUCH much much better!

    1. Wow yes I can do that never thought of it
      Only thing is I have to move on Friday if I want to see movie on Sunday.
      I am a big boy now (24)

  2. HEY..yeah got in my mail n now this..haha
    ur wish list’s too huge…..mann u want ASH..
    if YOU GIVE ME MY SRK I WILL SURE GET HER!! bout tht..
    truly:if i can i shuld’ve sent u smethng nice..none of

    1. Only 8 things and u have to give me only 1 out of that
      It’s not huge at all
      And when u get ur SRK. Pls keep him with only u.
      Lock him in the room and ask him not to do any movies
      I am sorry I am being nasty now.

      1. okay..fine..
        I CULDN’T AFFORD..meri paas money nahi hai..for hindi
        y not,,u r being mean..but yeh will talk bout it later not now..
        advanced HAPPY B-DAY!!!

  3. thanks man for atleast telling us what u want.
    Shall surely buy all this………

    for myself! expect that ice queen,u can keep that;)

  4. You want 7100g of Black berries?
    Ahh…the elephant now I wonder why the three buttoned Armani and Aish and..might be quite unrelated offcourse.

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