My sister had a baby :)

My sister had a baby 🙂
She had a baby girl on Thursday 19th April at 3:40 in the afternoon on the holy day of akshaytrutiya’ and she’s very very cute.
She has dark greenish grey eyes and when she smiles she makes my heart melt.
We Have two Names we Like But Can’t Pick One. So Please Tell Me What One out Of These you like or something entirely new you want to suggest.
What we are looking for is some unique name
It can start with any word, but it must have R in it
And if it begins with a, then it’s fantastic
The names we like are Arya and Aarohi
You can come up with some really new ones, but pls we want it to be a really small name.
Have a look at this newborn butterfly.



Baby loves her aaji the most (they both have so much fun together)DSCN0177
With dad and aaji
Having the sun in the early morning
Hahaha her dad says she must have been a thief in her last life because most of the time she sleeps in the hands-up position


  1. omg she’s so beautiful! her eyes…wow. i know some indians have eyes that aren’t dark brown (like mine 🙁 but by any chance, does that baby have any non-indian blood in her? anyways, i just love her eyes so much!

    Hahaha her dad says she must have been thief in last life coz most of the time she sleeps in hands-up position hahahahah!! she looks really tall for a baby!

    1. Lots of Indians also have light colored eyes
      Baby’s father’s grandfather had light colored eyes.
      My cousin sister has eyes just like Aishwarya rai

  2. She is soooo pretty! Congratulations! A baby like that needs a royal name, now we in the Netherlands had the honor to have our third royal princess being born just a few days after this little one came and they called her Ariana. Lose the last two letters and you come up with Aria, wich in dutch also means song or hymn. As a buddhist I also love the holy name Arya. Please, give your sister and the little princess all my love and light.

      1. Free party?

        Arey, main bachchi kae naamkaran mein madad karoonga. Suggest the names and I will approve or disapprove of them 😀

    1. Aarya is a name that is given to both males and females
      in the Devanagari language the name is traditionally female and denotes a noble birth or a woman of high social stature
      The masculine name is Hindu and refers to any written sankrit prayer or line in a prayer.

  3. Congrats dude!!
    Shez got awesome eyes:)

    Aarya is a guys name, i guess.

    I was googling for a few names and found these.

    Aadarshini (idealistic), Aamani (spring season), Aanchal/Anchal (shelter), Aashiyana (beautiful home), Abhilasha (wish/ desire), Aishwarya (prosperous), Akanksha (wish), Akhila (complete), Akshara (letter), Alaknanda (a river), Alisha (protected), Aloki (brightness), Alpana (beautiful), Amishi (pure), Amithi (unique), Amiya (delightful), Amolika (priceless), Amrita (full of nectar), Anamitra (the sun), Anandani (joyful), Ananti (gift), Ananya (nanosecond), Angarika (flower), Angha (beauty), Anisha (unobstructed), Anita (full of grace), Anjali (tribute), Anjika (blessed), Anjuli (blessings/ inconquerable), Anmol (priceless), Anokhi (different), Anshula (sunny), Anupama (beautiful), Aparajita (undefeated), Aradhana (prayer), Archana (worship), Arpana (offering), Arpita (a dedication), Arshia (divine), Arundhati (star), Asha (expectation), Ashna (a friend), Ashwina (child of the star), Asmita (pride), Avinashi (indestructable), Ayanna (innocent), Ayati (royal), Ayushi (long life)

    And if you need more, check out here Baby Names

    1. Arshia seems to match your criteria. Anyhow, sorry that I forgot that you needed only those which had an R in it. I was searching for those starting with A.

  4. hi, i have posted pics of my daughter. born on May 2nd. we have called her Anaia.
    BTW she also sleeps with her hands up!

    Aarohi is asuper name.

    1. Anaia is a beautiful name.
      my sister likes Aarohi i don’t.
      would like to see more of Anaia’s pics 🙂
      post them on ur blog soon

  5. Congratulations!!!! to TuTuMama’

    and to the Cutiez Parents


    awwww,she’s very very sweeet n adorable…look at her eyes n smile…

    She’s sleepin without any concerns n worries..let her…
    HA HA ! i gueess if this baby was theif past life it shuld’ve beeena guy and NOT gurl..LOL..ha ha

    i alrdy told u the nick name : Twinkle

    hehe…i will let you know for sure if i know of any 😛


    a lil bit to TUTU also,hehe

    1. hee bili
      come up with something really nice name na
      name should have R in it 😛
      no Twinkle it is so common Gujarati name
      i just hate it only.

  6. you do iz besz


    Looks good! Very useful, good stuff. Good resources here. Thanks much!


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