Our Little Secret : Available At Morrisons TVC

Our Little Secret : Available At Morrisons TVC


Edited advert for ‘Our Little Secret’ which offers high-quality international convenience food.

About Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret, or OLS as we call, is unique and quirky high quality international convenience food. Our passion is to deliver great tasting, best quality food that is easy to make into meals for everyone to enjoy. We aim to prove that it is possible to provide convenient food that is as good as you’ll find in any fine dining restaurant.

Dine-In-Kits, Micro-Meals And Dine-In-Cooking Sauces

OLS use only the best of ingredients, sourced from across the globe, offering a combination of flavours and meal ranges ensuring a tasty alternative at the table. The result is the perfect balance of right ingredients at the right amounts and of course Our Little Secret.