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It’s all about sharing beautiful cinematic experiences
that make you appreciate life.
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Parag Sankhe
Producer, Director and Editor
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[naix_empty_space height=”170″ height_mobile=”80″][naix_testimonial style=”3″ name=”Parag Sankhe” job=”Producer, Director and Editor”]I am a Producer, Director and Editor based in London.
Since 2006 I have provided skills to many clients, such as the BBC, NIKE, Google, Shell, L’Oréal Paris, BBC, UNICEF, BAFTA, Warner Music, Unilever, AMFR, Stella McCartney, Paul Smith, Vertu Phones.
Currently, I run a London based production company Square Elephant Productions as a Producer, Editor and Director.
Since 2018 I have Line Produced 7 Films and 10 episode period BBC drama called Sister Boniface Mysteries (2022).
This website is my personal portfolio, showcasing my work in several disciplines.
I also like to ramble under my blog about things in my life.[/naix_testimonial][naix_empty_space height=”170″ height_mobile=”80″]
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