Shooting in Goa: panjim inn

I have been busy shooting in goa.
Its 20 min short film called panjim inn. Panjim Inn is a Heritage
hotel in panji
Its 1 of the most beautiful town I have seen, it looks very European, every road and Buildings has history.
shooting on Location was difficult than I thought.
I am doing continuity and special effect part of the film, and its a black and white film.
I hope u enjoy the pics.

Parag Goa Shoot 239a copy

Parag Goa Shoot 006
Parag Goa Shoot 042
Parag Goa Shoot 148
Parag Goa Shoot 248
Parag Goa Shoot 057


  1. whats the short film for? u guys doing it for film festivals or something or just timepass? whats the budget for the film like?
    (sorry but I very curious)

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