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7/11 Mumbai Blast

Image from http://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-mcoca-court-reserves-judgement-in-2006-mumbai-train-blasts-case-2012086

Today I went back home from Dadar to Andheri by train at 4:30 and from 6:25 there was 8 Huge Bomb blast which took place in Different parts of local trains in Mumbai. This was a pick Hrs, so trains were full of people as people were going home from offices.
The blasts were so strong that as par now total of 160 people are dead and around 300 people are injured in 7 blasts in Mumbai.
On TV they were showing Several blood-stained bodies lying on the tracks.
People were collecting dead bodies. It was too gory.
But this is not it there were more than four bomb blast in Srinagar so it makes
7 + 4 = 11 total blast in a day in India ? This is really sad.
But one thing that everybody saw was humanity.
Everybody was helping each other there were so many real lives Hero who was helping injured once and also movie dead bodies. There were some who were controlling the crowd. There were some who were distributing water and food for those who were stuck in the streets as transportation was jammed. As my sister is Doctor, her other doctor friends went to few hospitals so they could help the injured once.
Three cheers for the good work Mumbaikars! I am proud to be one.
A very sad time for all Indians…
India is paying a High price for its uncontrolled population growth, dirty politics, and corruption.
A cruel and heartless act by people who have done it. I don’t understand which mission in this world gets fulfilled by targeting such harmless people.
Whoever has committed this, has committed a crime against humanity.
Pakistan’s PM Mr. Musharaff has condemned these blasts
“Well done Mr. Musharaff, u should get Oscar for this action, we have never seen such a great actor, who support terrorist and still condemns their actions.”
This is time for India to stopped keeping quiet and bearing everything that ‘Terrorist’ Pakistan is throwing at us…
It’s time to blast that ‘Terrorist’ country and its ‘Terrorist leader’ back to the depths of hell…
How can the explosives come into the country its Agencies inside the country are hand-in-glove with the terrorists,
Becos of them someone’s brother, father sister, mother, wife, husband, and kids won’t be going back home, never.
It’s high time India took a stand against these terrorists and gave them a fitting reply to end these dastardly acts of terror once and for all.

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