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Landing in Mumbai, India on a hazy morning

View of the Suburban Mumbai through Plane on a hazy morning

The Mumbai Suburban district (Marathi: मुंबई उपनगर जिल्हा) is a district of the state of Maharashtra in western India. Its headquarters is in Bandra (Marathi:Vandre). It consists of three administrative subdivisions or tehsils: Kurla, Andheri, and Borivali.[1] The district along with Mumbai City district and other suburban communities make up the metropolis of Mumbai on Salsette Island. The district occupies an area of 369 km².[2]

This is the second smallest district of Maharashtra, and it administratively comes under Konkan Division.

The jurisdiction of Mumbai Suburban District is from Bandra to Dahisar, from Kurla (Chuna Bhatti) to Mulund and from Kurla up to Trombay Creek.

Mumbai Suburban District is one of the largest districts in the country by population. The current population is 9,332,481, according to the 2011 census, making it the fifth most populous district in India (out of 672).[3] The Mithi River is the main river in the district.

Landing in Mumbai, India on a hazy morning

Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror: Getting to Mars

At 10:31 p.m. Pacific Time, NASA that will attempt to land a 2,000-pound Mars rover called Curiosity on the surface of Mars using a complex system of parachutes and rockets. Currently en route to the planet, it is scheduled to land in Gale Crater at about 05:31 UTC on August 6, 2012.

This mission is NASA’s most ambitious Mars project yet. NASA has aptly dubbed, “Seven Minutes of Terror,” as the spacecraft goes from 13,000 mph to a dead stop in the span of 7 minutes. This is an incredibly complicated landing procedure with absolutely no margin for error.

Curiosity is about twice as long and five times as heavy as the Spirit and Opportunity Mars exploration rovers, and carries over ten times the mass of scientific instruments. It will attempt a more accurate landing than previous rovers, It is designed to explore for at least 687 Earth days (1 Martian year) Curiosity rover’s objectives include determining Mars’ habitability, studying its climate and geology, and collecting data for human missions.

After 8 months of flight, spacecraft faces ‘7 minutes of terror’ Truly, this is a terrifying 7 minutes for the folks that spent years planning and developing this mission. I hope everything goes well with the landing of Curiosity and wish the team great success during the mission.


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