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A fix for sad ipod icon problem (strange and damn funny)

I was driving my car and listing to Dhoom2 soundtrack from My iPod with the help of I-trip, and Suddenly my iPod just froze when I changed the song. I did force reset MENU + SELECT for few seconds
But The Sad iPod icon showed up, and I could not do anything I tried connecting it to my computer. But sadly computer couldn’t recognize the iPod.
By the Idea of losing 60 GB data, I was soo shocked that I did not talk to anybody.
It was much much worst then the time when my x GF Brock up with me.
I could not find anything solution online. Nothing on apple troubleshooting section.
Then I came across this Blog of Peter J Lambert
And he said he fix the sad iPod icon problem.
You can read what Peter J Lambert wrote
It wasn’t looking good. My Powerbook wouldn’t even recognise the iPod. All I had was a little white box that chugged away in cycles of sad icon face and reboot. I’ve tried for hours tonight to fix it, going through pages of support manuals, forums and blogs and nothing I’ve found has worked. Finally, my frustration got the better of me. I picked up the corpse of my old friend and banged it hard against the table. It was then, just before I threw it against the wall that I noticed the screen had changed to something I hadn’t seen in a while: the menu.
It’s fixed. It’s actually properly working again. I’m back on listening terms with my old pal and it feels good.

After reading this I thought this man wants others to trash there Ipods
But then I said ok let me try a small hit on my iPod and I did it
And u know what it did work absolutely fine the next time started it.
So now if you have if you have a sad iPod icon you can fix it by hitting it hard.
I think Apple should include this solution in the troubleshooting section of the manual?

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Say hi to my new 60 gigabytes colour iPod Its super cool as cool as superman
It’s just not an mp3 player I can play mp3, see images and I can also use it as external Hard disk 60 GB stores About 15000 Songs and it can play songs up to 15 Hrs continuously. It Supports Formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, MP3 VBR, Audible, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, and GIF
I have bought iTrip
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iTrip is the FM transmitter for the iPod. It can play your music through any FM radio in your car, at a party, or wherever the mood strikes you – and you have a radio.

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