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British Soldier Hacked to Death in London Street

Woolwich-attacker-suspects-1905276A British soldier has been butchered on a busy London street by two Islamist terrorists, then they ask for passersby to take photographs of them. The attackers shouted “Allahu Akbar” meaning “Allah is Greater”) before killing the Soldier.

In the Name of the God! This fucking brainwashed people have hacked this poor man to death, This whole event is despicable beyond words. My thoughts are with the family and friends who lost their loved one.

What kind of society are we making here?
I personally think the answers to these issues should come from within the Islamic society, They need to get hold of their youngsters and not let them get brainwashed by extremists assholes.

Muslim leadership in this country needs to step up their anti-radicalisation programe.

[highlight]The Real hero in this story was  Mrs Loyau-Kennett[/highlight]

Mrs Loyau-Kennett
extraordinary Mum Mrs Loyau-Kennett

I think this mum (Loyau-Kennett) has shown some extraordinary courage, she confronted terrorists just seconds after they had beheaded a soldier asking them to hand over their weapons. Mrs Loyau-Kennett restores my faith in human nature.

Mrs Loyau-Kennett was a passenger on a number 53 bus which was travelling past the scene, and jumped off to check the soldier’s pulse.

“Being a cub leader I have my first aid so when I saw this guy on the floor I thought it was an accident then I saw the guy was dead and I could not feel any pulse.

“And then when I went up there was this black guy with a revolver and a kitchen knife, he had what looked like butcher’s tools and he had a little axe, to cut the bones, and two large knives and he said ‘move off the body’.

“So I thought ‘OK, I don’t know what is going on here’ and he was covered with blood. I thought I had better start talking to him before he starts attacking somebody else. I thought these people usually have a message so I said ‘what do you want?’

“I asked him if he did it and he said yes and I said why? And he said because he has killed Muslim people in Muslim countries, he said he was a British soldier and I said really and he said ‘I killed him because he killed Muslims and I am fed up with people killing Muslims in Afghanistan they have nothing to do there.”

Moments earlier, the killers had hacked at the soldier “like a piece of meat”, and when Mrs Loyau-Kennett arrived on the scene they were roaming John Wilson Street waiting for police to arrive so they could stage a final confrontation with them.

She said: “I started to talk to him and I started to notice more weapons and the guy behind him with more weapons as well. By then, people had started to gather around. So I thought OK, I should keep him talking to me before he noticed everything around him.

“He was not high, he was not on drugs, he was not an alcoholic or drunk, he was just distressed, upset. He was in full control of his decisions and ready to everything he wanted to do.

I said ‘right now it is only you versus many people, you are going to lose, what would you like to do?’ and he said I would like to stay and fight.”

The suspect in the black hat then went to speak to someone else and Mrs Loyau-Kennett tried to engage with the other man in the light coat.

She said: “The other one was much shier and I went to him and I said ‘well, what about you? Would you like to give me what you have in your hands?’ I did not want to say weapons but I thought it was better having them aimed on one person like me rather than everybody there, children were starting to leave school as well.

Mrs Loyau-Kennett was not the only woman to show extraordinary courage. Others shielded the soldier’s body as the killers stood over them.

Video of Woolwich muslim terror attack soldier killer with Machete talks on camera to public

I am uncle again: Welcome baby!!!

As of 01/11/12, I am now an uncle again!! Congratulations Sister and my bro-in-law, love you all. My heart just made space for another person in my life. My sister had a baby Girl! Welcome baby 😀

I hope she likes the card I made for her.

My niece was born early this morning. I haven’t gotten a chance to see her, but from what I’ve heard from (very excited and happy) grandmother is that both my sister and the baby are doing just fine. Now Aarchi is going to have a little sister to play with.

baby girl shares her birthday with one of the most beautiful women in the world Aishwarya Rai, and I hope she becomes as beautiful, Classy and powerful as Aish.

don’t think Sister and my bro-in-law have any Names planned for her so that I will suggest few names, I guess it has to start with A 🙂

I’m so excited about it that I had to share it with everyone, Just my bit of happy news.

The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 13 (GOES-13) captured this natural-color image of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy: Frankenstorm LIVE Coverage

Hurricane Sandy continues to move northward, and is projected to slam into the eastern seaboard on Monday evening.

Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers had been ordered to evacuate and the city’s mass transit system was shut down on Sunday as officials braced for storm surges of up to 11 feet from approaching Hurricane Sandy.

LIVE Hurricane Sandy Coverage – The Weather Channel

Hurricane Sandy is a massive, late-season tropical cyclone that has affected Jamaica, Cuba, The Bahamas, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and the United States, and is currently threatening the East Coast of the United States and Eastern Canada. The 18th tropical cyclone, 18th named storm, and 10th hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, Sandy developed from an elongated tropical wave in the western Caribbean Sea on October 22. It became a tropical depression, quickly strengthened, and was upgraded to a tropical storm six hours later. Sandy moved slowly northward toward the Greater Antilles and gradually strengthened.

The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite 13 (GOES-13) captured this natural-color image of Hurricane Sandy

Is this Hurricane Sandy the product of global warming? as per the Telegraph blog The problem with hurricanes and is that there hasn’t been  enough record in the past so it is difficult to confirm any trend. Maybe in another 20-30  years we’ll know enough data about hurricane to know a trend where global warming was responsible for an increase in the strengths of tropical storms.

I hope that people will draw a lesson from this, I take this as a warning from Mother Nature. Earth will bounce back, it has done this many times in the past but humans might not be able to.

Live twitter updates for Sandy

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