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Hooray I passed and finally got the monkey off my back

As some of you know, I was studying Digital filmmaking from SAE Bangalore And had lots of trouble with the college because of their BAD management.
But I’m pleased to say…I passed! And I got 81% now finally I can go ahead with my Master’s studies in the UK.
Out of 15 students, only three are passed, I don’t blame who did not clear as I blame the college management for the bad management in the school. And making these students lose their interest in this school.
I would not suggest anyone be Part of SAE BANGLORE it is the Worst thing that has happened to me (I lost three years of my life with them).
I only want to thank miss Rani, Ggeetha  Navale, reshma pritam singh and Thani Mudaliar without them I would have never got my result.

Done with my Film school in Bangalore (finally)

I am done with it I am done with it ….
Finally, I am done with ‘SAE’ my media school 🙂
I am in Bangalore and just submitted the final project and did my final viva and Exam
In 20 days ill get my transcripts and in 3 months I will get my Certificate.
I think I did well in Exams so hope for a good result.
Now I will start with my admission in Uk and hopefully, start working in Bombay.
I have my IELTS: International English Language Testing System on this 28th.
I have changed my flight for tonight I don’t feel like staying anymore in Bangalore
All my good friends have left the Bangalore.

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