Team Rocket: Pokemon

I so love these evil trios Jesse, James and Meowth
I have got DVD of all 5 pokemon movies ever made. Sadly they are not in Hindi 🙁
I love Hindi version of pokemon its just too funny

here is team rocket song from pokemonin Hindi

Saari duniya ko tabahi se bachane ke liye
sari duniya ko ek karne ke liye
pyaar aur sacchai ke khilaf ladne ke liye
khudd ko sitaron se aage pahunchane ke liye
team rocket hamari taqat chuegi har uchai
har maan lo ya karo ladai
meowth – yehi hai sacchai

hee they are sooo stupidly cute
I am off to pune for 3 days

Looks like Team Rocket’s Blasting off Againnnnnnnnnnn! *ping*


  1. why the freak are you never never online? and not even replying to sms…I am going to sulk soon!

    I will disown you if you ever tell the world about how you like the hindi version of pokemon better. what next? Hari puttar over Harry Potter?

    1. i am sorry i did get ur sms but i was at pane and my phone was crating strange now out going calls and no sms. i am back in Bombay just now
      And will try to call u today.
      Btw i am really not in mood to Enjoy hari putter or Harry potter or pokemon.

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