teeth dream

I touched my teeth with my tongue at first I thought they were only loose, but soon I easily pushed them out with my tongue and they where on bed, I was horrified. I woke up in my bed and my teeth were fine, but I recalled the dream very vividly. Anyone has any idea about dreams related to teeth falling out?
I’ve read a 1 article saying that a teeth falling out can mean that you’re advancing to another stage in life. (Not talking about baby milky stage)


  1. When you dream about teeth falling out it means that you are going to travel to some foreign land … soon!

    While coming back from ‘there’ can you get me a USB key – 512 MB 🙂

    1. damn thats true dont tell me its like taht in 2-3 months ill be going to Europe
      Not so sure but yesterday only I got to know about it.

      1. Yes … You are going somewhere outside India soon! That is what the falling teeth says …

        Now that my prediction will come correct, what will you get for me?

        1. Now don’t tell me u want to become fortune teller
          Hee I can’t imagine u sitting on mg road with popat in small tent
          In front of KFC
          and ill bring 1 foreign ka popat 4 u ;)>

      1. Sure … go ahead. Here are the dimensions: 720 x 190

        If I put it up I will give you credit on the same page and point a link to your blog!

    1. That someone is me! And that was not off the cuff remark. Also I am not quoting *some* website that says that; Myself and some other people close to me have personally experienced it.

      I am not a great beliver is this stuff but, look at it this way — Tutu, told me about his dream, I told him what might happen and it turned out to be true.

  2. Whenever I have got the teeth falling dream … I have travelled … So was the case with some other people whom I know. Now I had no ideal that tutu was travelling and I made a correct guess!

    I have a very old book … about dreams (published in Gujarati) that tells the same thing for the teeth falling dream! I always felt that that book is spooky and hence I avoid reading it!

  3. I’ve had similar dreams about teeth falling out, going rotten etc. I’ve also read that it really isn’t a good sign!
    It could be because you’ve been around someone who isnt well, or you yourself are going to be ill. General misfortune, something bad coming your way, someone not being nice to you vice versa…I think I read it in the Oxford dictionary of dreams. May be worth a look!

      1. Told you it wouldn’t be pretty! Try and get your hands on a translation of dreams bood if your really worried about it…

      1. Heh! Weren’t you glad to wake up!

        I used to have dreams of exams;

        1. not studying
        2. not taking pens or pencils
        3. not taking hall tickets
        4. studying for the wrong subject

        Phew! Was I glad to wake up from that everytime.

  4. OMGawd! I had a dream like that a while back as well. It was sooo freakin scary. I think I may have even cried in my sleepy…LOL. I can’t imagine how i cud live if my teeth fell out. *sniffle*
    Shandee <3

  5. I have this dream all the time..apparently its because you grind your teeth during sleep.who knows..i just know it feels very realistic..i wake up checking to see if they’re still there!!

      1. me too!!Imagine if we had no dreams, how boring life would be!Even when the dreams are all strange and twisted, and leave a lingering thought for the rest of the day…

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