Why me? Fanaa movie review

Starring: Aamir Khan, Kajol
Director: kunal Kohli

I just avoided all the crappy recent Bollywood movies so I wouldn’t start hating Hindi cinema. I was so excited about ‘Fanaa’ I dragged my friend who is really not a great fan of Bollywood, and then I pay 150 rupees in black for the ticket where the actual ticket was 40 bucks.
And what I get?
Absolutely stupid an irritating movie.
Fanaa has a poor script and a bad screenplay.
It just doesn’t have a flow and looks forced most of the times.
The characters are written too feebly to elicit any involvement
The way the romance develops between Kajol and Amir is forced and childish. There is no proper reason for both of them to fall for each other.
But while the first half is predictably cheesy, you don’t mind it much. Kajol looks beautiful, and Aamir has a good screen presence, and you think that the movie is going somewhere, but you are wrong!
2nd half is ten times worse than the 1st half
It’s an unbelievable story. I would say ‘Jurassic Park’ is much more realistic than this
Kajol has put a thick layer of makeup, and she can easily pass for ‘fair and lowly cream’ ambassador.
At a point, the movie gets soo boring and irritating that you want to go out and have nice hot corn for like 10-15n min while the movie is still running.
I enjoyed listening to the Fanaa music on my iPod, but the movie was so dragging that if I had a remote control, I would have skipped the songs (maybe the movie too)
Only one best part of the film is Ravi Chandran.s camera work.
Fanaa was the really big disappointment for me.
Now after all this I am sure you will still go and see the movie, but after the movie, you will think of this review.


  1. Good lord…a bad review from somebody who watches and likes aishwarya rai movies. gosh! it must be a really really bad movie.

    of course I will go and watch it. I watch all the bad movies. Remember how I went and saw the mistress of spices as well? 🙂

  2. Such a shame that Kajol’s 1st movie in such a long time would disappoint! My friends are going to watch it tonight actually, I’m wonering should I tell them that it may be a really crap mvie or let them go for the 90 minute drive to Bradford and find out for them selves!!!

      1. They really enjoyed it!! But then again that’s not saying much they’re bollywood freaks!! :S Aparently they say it’s a film that I’d like…

  3. oh ya thats the most awaited film this yr..lol
    my friends were really excited to watch it but im not into that many hindi movies because lately the stories are mostly crazy and copied.

    1. Good that ur not so much in too this Hindi movies.
      i only like some comedy for fun
      And all the movies with Aish.
      There is nothing to see anyway

  4. oh no! that’s such a shame, I was really looking forward to fanaa :(. I was upset that I wouldn’t able to see, as I have exams but now I guess I won’t be missing out on much:P

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