I am a Producer, Director, and Editor based in London with a portfolio of 120 TV commercials as a Director-Producer and 7 feature films as a Line Producer and Production Manager.

Producer / Director / Editor

The Sister Boniface Mysteries: BBC

Drama, Line Producer, Producer

PUREWICK® Female External Catheter: 60 sec TV advert

Editor, Producer, Producer, TV comercial

888Sport Eurosport sponsorship ident

Editor, Motion Graphics, Producer, Producer

Feast Box: TV advertising campaign

Commercial, DIrector, Editor, My Work, Producer, Producer, TV comercial

RacehorseClub TV advert with Frankie Dettori

Commercial, My Work, Producer, Producer, TV comercial, Video

Footprints on Water: Feature film (2022)

Drama, Line Producer

The Great Courses Plus UK TV advert

Editor, Producer

Philips Prestige Shaver Sponsorship Ident

Editor, Producer

Google AI Exhibition: The Art Of AI

Editor, Producer

Laka Bicycle Insurance 20 TV advert

Editor, Producer

Sugar + Style: independent women’s fashion Brand Social Media Assets

Jenna Lee-James’s New Album ‘On the Edge’ Promo 20 Sec

Editor, Producer

Kin: Feature Film (2021)

Line Producer

Well Done Baby: Feature Film (2021)

Line Producer

Rat on a Highway: Feature Film (2021)

Line Producer, Producer

36 Gunn: Feature Film (2021)

Line Producer, Producer

Nike Q3 FY19 Brand Heat Video

Branding, Editor, Producer

Samsung GalaxyTabS4 video

Branding, Editor, Motion Graphics, Producer

BQ Watches TV advert

Branding, DIrector, Editor, Producer

6 sec Sponsorship Idents for GSK’s Pain Relief Gel Voltarol

Branding, DIrector, Editor, Producer

For me, it’s all about sharing beautiful cinematic experiences that make you appreciate life.

Parag is a Producer, Editor and Director, based in London.
Originating from a design background, he had the opportunity to explore a wide range of disciplines such as Producing, Directing, motion graphics, design, photography and editing.
These influences have all found their way into sculpting a portfolio of work that portrays a cinematic style.

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