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I get why many don’t want to bomb or send British troops to ISIS infested Syria, but When you get a cancer, you got to have chemotherapy and that comes with a side effects. I love  Jeremy Corbyn but has he found a new miracle drug to cure ISIS?  ‪#‎SyriaVote‬

I really feel bad for all the civilians caught in this issue, but I think all who are opposing any real action against ISIS in Syria aren’t really coming up with a real world solutions to this problem. ISIS’s aims are non-negotiable – that’s why a diplomatic solution won’t work, Destroying ISIS is the only solution. I am most certain bombing alone will achieve nothing it also needs diplomacy.
Uk has already started bombing, and this morning RAF has bombed Omar oil field under IS control, you don’t think this will help?

Would The Taliban would have integrated if left alone? I agree that Taliban are still in existence because bombs don’t kill ideology but the numbers have reduced and Taliban threat is not as bad as it was. only if the Afghan government does its job they would be fine.
We can argue the pros and cons on the air attacks into Syria, but Allowing ISIS to continue is allowing more innocents to be killed too.


A British Tornado jet flies above RAF Akrotiri, a peninsula on the southern coast of Cyprus where Britain retains a military air base, Cyprus December 2, 2015. REUTERS/Yiannis Kourtoglou -
A British Tornado jet flies above RAF Akrotiri, a peninsula on the southern coast of Cyprus where Britain retains a military air base, Cyprus December 2, 2015. REUTERS/Yiannis Kourtoglou –

15 years on International Space Station #15YearsOnStation

Today marks 15 years of continuous human habitation on the International Space Station. Its a remarkable human achievement.

For me the lasting legacy of ISS will be the partnership forged with nations like United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada.

The ISS enables countless scientific discoveries that  are not only related to space but also on earth. It improves water purity, air quality and even medical treatments.

There is ISS and then there is ISIS who are gigantic setback to progress of humankind. Ridiculous amount of money is wasted every year to fight this imbeciles, this money could be used for people in need, or even for the space programme, The sooner we get rid of ISIS the better.


Interesting video of Sunita Lyn “Suni” Williams  who Provides Tour of Orbital Laboratory on ISIS



Syrian Boy

All the governments needs to do more when it comes to #WarRefugees but lets not forget the real culprits here are Assad, ISIS and Russia for making these people leave Syria in 1st place. 

Why ISIS Threat is a Problem of Muslim Leadership: Alan Henning beheading

Alan Henning_Iraq conflictIt was a sad day when pure evil took a good kind man who’s only mistake was to think he should help those in need.

A video was released by Islamic State militants that shows the beheading of British hostage Alan Henning, Alan was delivering aid to Syria in December when he was kidnapped then held hostage by IS.
It takes a serious piece of evil to have the stomach to cut an innocent mans head off.
A large section on Muslims has denounce the beheading and the terrorism, violence  in the name of Islam. most common response is  ‘they don’t represent me’ and Islam does not support killing.

This might sounds valid on the surface but merely being unsupportive of jihadism does not prevent the jihadism from growing, statements such ‘they don’t represent me’ is as good as saying ‘this is none of my business because I don’t agree with them’ many Muslims are in fact refusing to take ownership of the problem.

Why don’t we see massive large vocal protests on streets by Muslim community, Muslim nations building an action agenda against Islamic state  and war on terror, rather than having Western countries do it. Why this quiet “watch from distance” attitude?

Where is the Muslim leadership? How much longer will you stand by following others instead of taking lead?  long-term solutions are necessary to protect not only the true message of Islam but also the world we live in.

It’s essential for the silent Middle East Muslims to support the struggle of Western leaders, We can only beat Islamic State with Muslim support.

The solution needs to come from within Muslim community.

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