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  • every child is an artist

    every child is an artist

    Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso Part of short story i am working on. Jabberwocky And The Kid (short) its about Children’s Imaginative Play. Research Board Follow Parag’s board Jabberwock and the Kid (short) on Pinterest.



    DIRECTOR: Parag Sankhe PRODUCER: Debora Setnik The Rooster Must Die is a gripping and funny short film that tells the story of a classic clash between traditional rural life and those who wish for a quieter and more suburban existence. Inspired by the dramatic tousles between man and nature that characterised the iconic 1975 feature […]

  • The making of ‘Rooster Must Die’

    The making of ‘Rooster Must Die’

    The making of ‘Rooster’ Parag Sanke (Director) interview Where did you find the script? I’d always worked on factual projects and documentaries but was keen to try and produce a short fictional film so I placed an ad online and was sent a lot of scripts from all over the world. I was almost overwhelmed […]