Calvin Klein Crave

Ok!! I don’t know why but I can’t get off from Crave by Calvin Klein.
I have been using it for almost six years now. In these six years, I also tried lots of other stuff like Hugo, Eternity, Escape, COOL WATER, Acqua Di Gio Giorgio Armani et al.
Out of the lot, I only liked Acqua Di Gio. It was very much me (after CK Crave though).
I picked up my new CK Crave today. And also urban spice by Adidas.
I don’t know why but I just can’t get myself to like anything else other than Ck’s crave.
I just love it. Its fresh but seductive. It doesn’t last long but when the scent fades it leaves a sweet fragrance.

Pallavi always loved to crave on me. sorry sorry ‘loved to crave on me’.
What do you put on yourself? Do you also have fixation like me?


  1. in order of preference

    Clinique Happy for Men (absolutely love this … have only ever received positive responses 😉 when wearing this)
    Dior Homme (sexy, dark, professional)
    Jaipur by Boucheron (rich, dignified fragrance)
    CK Contradiction (very sexy)
    Dior Fahrenheit (my first crush wore this)

    1. Re: in order of preference

      Dior Homme is really sexy my Bro uses it.
      Jaipur by Boucheron sounds really intresting.
      i like everything to do with jaipur 😛
      btw how is it? is it smooth? or strong?
      oh yes and i saw ur Vid on ur website ur good.

      1. Re: in order of preference

        Jaipur is quite strong and spicy. It was an Eau de parfum, so very concentrated. It has a distinct Indian, agarbhathi-sort-of flavour.

        Thanks for bothering with the videos. Need to update them. Just want a job now! 😛

        1. Re: in order of preference

          Oo I don’t like strong essences. Agarbhathi I just can’t stand only
          Actually I don’t like any fruit and flower essences. I had this candle from Australia with watermelon essences. It was soo smooth. Just loved it
          Hey can I have some more video, with flat background if u have?
          Would like to add some Effects and music and see how they look.

          1. Re: in order of preference

            Other videos are from performances, and I’m not allowed to share them. Copyright, you see! 😛

  2. i don’t use perfume much…except when i go out and that’s just dior’s j’adore. but i like smelling nice scents on people…it can make even the most raggy person like a god! haha

    1. Very true
      I like people who smell good.
      I always want be around people who smell good.
      But I runway from people who put strong perfume it irritates me.
      Smooth and defused scents work for me.

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