Reuniting an old School Friend

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Omkar karve

Today I met up with an old friend ‘Omkar karve’ from school, whom I hadn’t seen in years. And I was amazed to know that he is now a very good and famous actor. And he even has his own fan club 😛
For the last one year, his TV serial ‘Vahini Saheb’ is running on ‘Zee Marathi’ channel, my mom watches this serial almost every day, I had seen it ones too but I did not acknowledge omkar in it.
I got to know about him through my girl friend as he had been to her beauty pageant event as a guest celebrity.
I told my mom and she said she loves his work and she think he is very very good actor. He has also done one Marathi feature film.

We studied at Paranjape Vidyalaya, Mumbai and Omkar joined my class in 6 standard and left the school at 8th standard as he shifted to pune.
We enjoyed playing long jump and Kabadi after school times.
I do remember ones he had fractured his hand when some guy pushed him in the school
I took him to his house, And from there his mom took him to the doctor. He was very smart by Face and very much round and big in school time 😛 And this is the best I remember of him from the school times.
With little over a week left for me sifting to London from Mumbai we decided to meet. I went to his shoot as it was just 10 min from my house.
It was quite a delight meeting him he is very down-to-earth and good at acting I must say.
He has been nominated in 3 categories this year for some awards I really hope he gets all of them 🙂

Not many people can say they are fortunate enough to still be in good standing with their old school friend. I am one of the lucky ones, I still meet many of my old school buddies over movie or dinner and it’s really fun to catch up on old times.


  1. Hey! You’re coming to London! How exciting!

    Do you have family/friends here? Where will you live? What’ll you be doing? Details, details!

    I’m here, and hoping to stay indefinitely. We must catch up! 🙂 Do be in touch! E-mail on

    1. yes
      i am coming there to do MA in film studies and video production.
      ill be staying in Ealing in west London
      i have few friends there 🙂
      when did u shift to uk?

  2. i got in touch with a couple of friends on the internet, with whom i studies from nursery to 4th standard….we decided to meet up this coming weekend…and im so very excited….cant explain the feeling.

    im also a lil nervous cuz i still remember them as the kids…lol…i wonder how wud it be to erase the innocent kid face frm my memory n replace it with the current one.

    1. hee cool
      i am sure it will be a bit strange in the beginning.
      may be u wont be able to connect them with the innocent kid u knew long back.
      but in time you will start seeing that innocent kid in them.
      i am sure it would be fun 🙂

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