India with DJI Mavic Air Drone in 4K (Palghar, Kelva and Maswan)

I spent 2 days traveling across the Kelva Beach, Palghar and the Maswan village in Maharashtra, India just to test my new DJI Mavic Air.
This time of the year these locations look very dry, but in monsoon it exactly opposite, it’s lush green and the dam is always overflowing, the river even floods sometimes.
I got the Drone in London just 3 weeks ago but as I live in central London I could not really fly it anywhere as it’s prohibited.
As I am here in India for 4 weeks I am making the most of flying the drone so I get used to flying it and also explore all the cool functions it comes with.

Shot in 4K with: DJI Mavic Air Drone and iPhone XS .

Locations: Kelva Beach, Kelva Fishing port, Palghar, Maswan village Surya Dam.

Music: Billie Eilish Ocean Eyes Webster Remix

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