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(^.^) crush

Oh boy oh boy
I am having this big time crush on my Avid editing external faculty.  She is damn pretty.
sadly She is married and has a little cute baby
But I just sit in front of her, just 3 hands away and keep looking at her attractive face.

She  sounds a lot like miss universe Sushmita Sen, very soft spoken.

She is super talented  and probably one of the reasons I am attracted towards herShe has worked in Hollywood move like  ‘twister’ as assistant cinematographer and was editor of the milind soman’s Bellwood movie “Rules”

I feel like singing a song in the class. Ya and did i mention that she has the most beautiful smile in the world.

teeth dream

I touched my teeth with my tongue at first I thought they were only loose, but soon I easily pushed them out with my tongue and they where on bed, I was horrified. I woke up in my bed and my teeth were fine, but I recalled the dream very vividly. Anyone has any idea about dreams related to teeth falling out?
I’ve read a 1 article saying that a teeth falling out can mean that you’re advancing to another stage in life. (Not talking about baby milky stage)

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