Taj Mahal ‘Poem in Stone’

Taj Mahal 023
Taj Mahal ‘Poem in Stone

The Taj Mahal!!! It is located in Agra, a city about 3 hours south of Delhi
I, Willem and Ean had amazing time. It was my 1st time to the Taj Mahal so I was exited. I always wanted to go to Taj Mahal. It’s really.. really… really beautiful.
The Taj is bigger than words. It demands to be seen, and to speak for itself.
As per I remember reading , Shah Jahan ordered the right hand of the chief mason to be cut off so that the masterpiece could never be recreated.
But guide said it’s not a true story. do u know if it is true?

parag in front of taj
move it to bombay
Taj Mahal 068
all in front of taj2
parag in front of taj1
parag in air
every body forced me to take this picture

Taj Mahal 098


  1. cool pics.

    the bovine friend seems at ease posing for the pic. :>

    is the taj open to public at moonlight nights now?

    owing to security reasons, they were not open it to the public at night.

    i’d love to see the taj on a moonlit night.

    i first saw taj in all its grandeur on a hott and sunny afternoon..

    it dint matter though.

      1. which one the one that says practice makes perfect?
        well the words explain it all but i have no idea about the pic. i didnt make the icon.heheh

    nIce!!GoodJob!for the neat work-like all the pics!!!
    I wish I culd go visit once/twice!!
    umm…ru jumpin in the last but1 pic..ooohhhhh..gr8!

  3. That cow in front of the Taj can be a prize winner. I have never ever seen a cow in front of the Taj. It is absolutely cool.

    When I say prize winner, I mean send it as an entry to some contest kind of prize winner.

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