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  • Hooray I passed and finally got the monkey off my back

    As some of you know, I was studying Digital filmmaking from SAE Bangalore And had lots of trouble with the college because of their BAD management. But I’m pleased to say…I passed! And I got 81% now finally I can go ahead with my Master’s studies in the UK. Out of 15 students, only three […]

  • Done with my Film school in Bangalore (finally)

    I am done with it I am done with it …. Finally, I am done with ‘SAE’ my media school 🙂 I am in Bangalore and just submitted the final project and did my final viva and Exam In 20 days ill get my transcripts and in 3 months I will get my Certificate. I […]

  • Moving back to Mumbai from Banglore

    Moving back to Mumbai from Banglore

    I was thinking about going back home for a long time because first of all, my parents and the rest of my family are in Mumbai, and second, trying to do everything on my own has become emotionally and financially difficult. Third, I know I can also find a much better job in media as […]

  • (^.^) crush

    Oh boy oh boy I am having this big time crush on my Avid editing external faculty.  She is damn pretty. sadly She is married and has a little cute baby But I just sit in front of her, just 3 hands away and keep looking at her attractive face. She  sounds a lot like miss universe […]

  • Protected: Time to shift

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  • Protected: Morning side of the mountain

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