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Hooray I passed and finally got the monkey off my back

As some of you know, I was studying Digital filmmaking from SAE Bangalore And had lots of trouble with the college because of their BAD management.
But I’m pleased to say…I passed! And I got 81% now finally I can go ahead with my Master’s studies in the UK.
Out of 15 students, only three are passed, I don’t blame who did not clear as I blame the college management for the bad management in the school. And making these students lose their interest in this school.
I would not suggest anyone be Part of SAE BANGLORE it is the Worst thing that has happened to me (I lost three years of my life with them).
I only want to thank miss Rani, Ggeetha  Navale, reshma pritam singh and Thani Mudaliar without them I would have never got my result.

Done with my Film school in Bangalore (finally)

I am done with it I am done with it ….
Finally, I am done with ‘SAE’ my media school 🙂
I am in Bangalore and just submitted the final project and did my final viva and Exam
In 20 days ill get my transcripts and in 3 months I will get my Certificate.
I think I did well in Exams so hope for a good result.
Now I will start with my admission in Uk and hopefully, start working in Bombay.
I have my IELTS: International English Language Testing System on this 28th.
I have changed my flight for tonight I don’t feel like staying anymore in Bangalore
All my good friends have left the Bangalore.

Moving back to Mumbai from Banglore

I was thinking about going back home for a long time because first of all, my parents and the rest of my family are in Mumbai, and second, trying to do everything on my own has become emotionally and financially difficult. Third, I know I can also find a much better job in media as I have finished college here in Bangalore.
And more than that is I never felt very connected to Bangalore.
Have had close friends here but still at times I felt a little lost and alone here amongst lots of friends and co-students.
Call it rude Auto drivers, a few cold people I came across, or bad college experience. I could never fit into the space of this city. But maybe I think it’s just me; I am too north Indian I always loved Mumbai and sometimes Delhi much better than Bangalore.
one thing I must agree this was my 1st long home away Experience. Before this, I was away from my home by myself only for one month in Europe, and I think I have learned a lot in these 2 years, but I also think now it’s time I need to be pampered again.
In 1hr movers and packers are coming home to pack my stuff. (Thank god I don’t have to do that) I am not soo lazy but for me packing clothes and stuff is as difficult as Mallika Sherawat Portraying the character of Mother Teresa.
I am Meeting few friends for lunch then a few for evening snacks and then a few for dinner.
And tomorrow morning I am off to Mumbai 🙂
One and the only thing I will miss a lot is my friends here in Bangalore.

(^.^) crush

Oh boy oh boy
I am having this big time crush on my Avid editing external faculty.  She is damn pretty.
sadly She is married and has a little cute baby
But I just sit in front of her, just 3 hands away and keep looking at her attractive face.

She  sounds a lot like miss universe Sushmita Sen, very soft spoken.

She is super talented  and probably one of the reasons I am attracted towards herShe has worked in Hollywood move like  ‘twister’ as assistant cinematographer and was editor of the milind soman’s Bellwood movie “Rules”

I feel like singing a song in the class. Ya and did i mention that she has the most beautiful smile in the world.

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